Thursday, October 29, 2009

Study Leave by School

Guess wat?
I m having test 2mr
Since last nite, i studied for my Geography already


Last nite, I skype with my boy
Suddenly his dad went in his room and the most important thing is
I m lying on the bed =o=
and his dad saw that and luaghed
so embarrassing

This morning, I woke up at around 10 sth
I start revised Geography again
until 2 o'clock
after that, I had my lunch at Rose Garden with Andrea and Elaine
We saw William, Lennet, Gene and Gene's bro when we having lunch
They came back from Coconut House

We went back to hostel
Me and Andrea went Coles again
for wat?
I need them when study.
dat's y i m growing in size
When back, I continue revise again

Around 4:15 pm,
Connie back from school.
We went to Laguna and bought somethings
What is dat?
It is a secret.
After Connie bought her dinner and I bought my drink at Tea Up
We went back.
I know Connie is super tired already.

Mayb Jenni is coming to my place ltr.
*waiting for her

Tomorrow is Andrea's Legal 18 Birthday
And for sure,
It will be my next post.

Show u guys one thing.
click this to see
From Jovita's blog

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