Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Economics Day

I had my Economics test this afternoon. I was satisfied with the questions because it was quite easy compare to the past year question I done. Thank God. I really very happy when reading the questions during that 15 minutes. I almost have all the idea for what to write. Luckily I no give up my Economics at last cause I still studied until midnight last night. My hardworking is worth.

Tomorrow have Mathematics Test. After that I can rest for 3 days before I have my Computer Science test. Finally I can rest for a couple days. I had been test continuously for 3 days and tomorrow is the 4th day. Really tired already. Just now went common room with Vincent and try our best to fight with Maths but seen like we failed cause we seem like do until sleepy. Not the qustions are boring, is the questions are too hard make us too tired.

Tuesday when having accounting test, I forgot to bring my calculator. Then, luckily I saw Amelia. She helped me borrowed from a friend called Vincent as well. Thanks a lot to them causd if don't have calculator how i having my accounting test? Today when having my Economics Test, forgot to bring my calculator again. Haizzzzz.... Luckily, I met Andrea. Thanks to her although at last the calculator is no use in my Exam. Tomorrow having Mathematics test, I really cannot forget calculator again because all MUFY students having Maths test tomorrow then sure no one will borrow me. I MUST BRING MY CALCULATOR!!!!

Gonna eat my supper now. And need start revising Maths again. May God bless me and all my friends.

p/s : countdown 9 days... Miss all of u~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exam Period

Yesterday (25/05/09)
Started Semester Test
The 1st subject is English.
This day is Vincent Wong's (My new Sibu's Friend met when 1st in Melbourne) Birthday
I totally forgot about it....
Although I know it is late,
but still want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY◆ to him.
Wish u all the best in you Exam!!! God bless someone NICE. He helped a lot in my life in Melbourne. Thanks him a lot.
Let's talk about my English Paper

My English Paper
Essay is about the issue of private tutoring.
Wish that i did well in this paper.

Today is the day i realised Vincent Wong's birthday is yesterday.
I knew it before we went dinner. Hmph~ feel that so bo heart to him cause i asked him last week.
Today have my Accounting Test.
It was weird for me.
But i still try my best to fill in all the answer.
Wish the examiner can 明白我的苦心!
My accounting paper

Tomorrow (27/05/09)
I will have my economics test tomorrow. Wish me good luck. I poor in my Economics
Going to study Economics now.

p/s : I love you, my dear.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14/5/2009 Melbourne






Good night everyone and also my dear
Love you forever~