Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My mum let me to go back
I know I am so bad as i gonna leave my sister alone here
She was unhappy and angry last nite..
I dunno y
bcos she dun wan alone?
bcos dun wan me to go back?
At last,
She said :"jie, 你要回就回去啦。帮我带东西过来。。。哈哈~~"
I am waiting for her to nod her head and let me back...
After she agree, I quickly go book the ticket..
Quite rush la...
Booked last nite, and need go airport 2mr nite already..
I dun even start pack my luggage cos I dun think I hav much things to bring back
Jus nw mum calling and wan me help her bring back her Wii Fit Plus
I am like ==
Tat's super heavy leh...
But ok la...
Since she let me go back,
then i should listen wat she wan from Melb...

Dat's all..
Big Big Thanks to My Sister =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I really feel super boring for staying in Melbourne...
School haven't start yet...
How i wish my school can start 2mr..
I reli wanna go back to Sibu


But mum sure won't let me go back de..
how sad i m