Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Short update


I m in Sydney now...
With Connie, Andrea and my sister...
quite excited about trip =)

Gonna sleep now...
so dat we can wake up earlier 2mr...

nitez all...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I should update my blog now..
Oh yea, I am officially having sem break now..
I finished my last paper last Tuesday…
And I now I am waiting for my Sydney trip next Tuesday..
But Sydney trip causes a lot of troubles to Connie
because of the school problems and the hostel problems
wish all the problems will be solve soon so we can go Sydney together
Otherwise, she will be alone in Melbourne
How pity it will be…?

i'm going out now =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Exam Exam Exam Exam Exam
Headache about this word
Do pretty well in my linguistics
Do so so in Accounting
Do super badly in Marketing
I have a feel dat i will need to retake my Marketing =(

Anyway, Holidays is coming to me soon
I have my last paper (Italian) on Tuesday
Seriously, I love Italian sooooooooooo much
at least for now =)
I have full confidence towards this subject
Hohohohohoh =D

After last paper, I am going to date Jenni again...
And I am so excited about my sydney trip with my sister, Connie and Andrea
Feel like one week not reli enough for us...
but I will enjoy the trip with them....
and take a lot of pics with them.
This will be a good memory for us, right?

Nowadays, I am craving for blackberry
There is white blackberry bold 9700
So nice...
I told my fren if I got it, I wll call it as Whiteberry..
or mayb i can call it WhiteBB
WhiteBB = White BlackBerry
Woohoo... nice name =)
Next, I am planning to get a Fujifilm 拍立得 b4 i go Sydney
and also nail art...
OMG... Wat a waste
I am a wasting girl =(


Friday, June 4, 2010

A day before exam

Another 18 hours, my linguistics exam will start...
So stress now.
Cant rmb everythings...
So sad

Wish I can get good resut


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday, I went to Vincent's place to find Jenni as Vincent had his last test in schl
Me and Jenni hang out whole afternoon as we din meet each other for quite a long time
We chatted about schl about facebook about movies about series and a lot....
After that, we also watched 偷心大圣PS男, jus to find out whether tis taiwan series nice or not.
The conclusion is quite nice as we watched a lots from youtube. =)

After Vincent back from his test, we went to myer and dicksmith because Vince want to buy iPod touch (Weewit~~~~). Although it seem like very strange to go out with a pair of couple, but nvm. we very shou liao, rite? Hahahaha...

We had our dinner at Rose Garden but Vince has a lots of opinion. Keep on saying but... but... but... LOL... As a whole, it was fun and enjoyable. After my final exam, definitely i will find them again especially Jenni. =)

I really had a great and nice day with Jenni and Vince yesterday, but.......

continue with my linguistics revision =(