Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday, I went to Vincent's place to find Jenni as Vincent had his last test in schl
Me and Jenni hang out whole afternoon as we din meet each other for quite a long time
We chatted about schl about facebook about movies about series and a lot....
After that, we also watched 偷心大圣PS男, jus to find out whether tis taiwan series nice or not.
The conclusion is quite nice as we watched a lots from youtube. =)

After Vincent back from his test, we went to myer and dicksmith because Vince want to buy iPod touch (Weewit~~~~). Although it seem like very strange to go out with a pair of couple, but nvm. we very shou liao, rite? Hahahaha...

We had our dinner at Rose Garden but Vince has a lots of opinion. Keep on saying but... but... but... LOL... As a whole, it was fun and enjoyable. After my final exam, definitely i will find them again especially Jenni. =)

I really had a great and nice day with Jenni and Vince yesterday, but.......

continue with my linguistics revision =(



  1. 玫瑰园~我的最爱 可是很久没去了 椒盐鸡扒饭~

  2. 它还有一个超好吃的。。什么四季豆饭的。。只是有点辣。。。我以前很常去。。因为很近宿舍,可是搬了之后就很少去了。。