Sunday, April 10, 2011

I cant sleep without ......

A very good Sunday
went out for dinner last friday at Ajisen Ramen (not nice anymore)
They served best Japanese cuisine before

outfit of the day

a long dress with denim ♥

Back to the topic "I cant sleep without ..."
I cant sleep without my boyfriend's shirt *shy*

this is it ♥
My boyfie gave me this shirt in June 2009 when I went back to Sibu
actually i beg him to give me this shirt la...
but now this shirt is full of my smell of lotion and tears..LoL
I brought this shirt to everywhere.
It followed me went to HK, SG, Syd,KL and of cos back to Sibu ♥

I cant sleep without my Orange

It is cute and handy
This was my 18th birthday gift from him
I named it Orange but boyfie so sweet and he said should called it 伟忆

I cant sleep without my 牛宝

he is my pressie from boyfie during my 19th birthday
I bring it all the way to melbie and mum said cant bring it back anymore
cos it is enormous >.<
I thought a lot of ways to bring it here last time
btw, he is now wearing my stitch pyjamas

I cant sleep without blanket (This was so new)

This was my 20th birthday pressie from him..
I love this blanket so much

For the second and the third,
mayb i wont hug them to sleep
but they must be around me
or else sure i cant sleep.

For the shirt,
it is a must
I bring it everywhere (except schl and outings)
i used to hug it everytime when i stay at home

A pic before ending this post,

with the wig


Thursday, April 7, 2011


I slept for less than 3 hours last night!!!!
becos of the stupid assignment and mid-sem test :(
first time sleep less than 7 hours
I woke up at around 4 and started study my International Business
Luckily, the paper wasn't that hard :D

ps: I m sleepy nw and keep yawning but dunno y dun have the mood to sleep


First of all, i wanna to show a nice nail lacquer from O.P.I.
The color is soooo natural


ignore my ugly short nails hey, i m now trying my best to let it grow :X

Nowadays love this kind of color so much
FYI, the name of this nail laquer is Tickle My France (funny har?)
And the code is NL F16
I think it is in the France series

Secondly, shampoo and conditioner
I found a super nice shampoo that suit my hair so much
And this was my first time I bought same shampoo twice
I used to change shampoo from period to period
It is for damage and coloured hair
It is Tsubaki by Shiseido Japan (I m kind of Shiseido fan yea)
I love the smell

This was the package i bought last time.
This is the upgrade for Tsubaki Red that contains more essence in it
If i m not mistaken, Tsubaki is a kind of flower in Japan



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I was so stressed with my essay that need to hand in on Thursday.
I stucked at introduction and i need to write 1000 words :(
Since I need something to relax a bit,
I went google and search day counter =.=|||
I jus wanna know when is me and him 1000 days (I know it was so lame)
This just came to me so suddenly

Let me show the pic

It will be 30th of July
Now I think, if i going back to Sibu in sem break,
we can celebrate 1000 days together..
ignore me (i m jus day-dreaming)

And fyi,
today (5th of April) is our 884 DAYS
see how big is the amount..
but if convert into years and weeks,
it is only a small amount.

cant wait for our 1st Valentine's Day next year.
We have been together 2 years ++, but we never celebrate Valentine's Day together,
He knew i hate Valentine's day (secret reason)
For me, the days stick with him are all Valentine's DAYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
So, we celebrate our Valentine's Day everyday when I am in Sibu XD


The return air ticket is confirmed!
The date is earlier than last year
and i will stay in Sibu for like more than 2 months
I will dating around, hanging around with my hubby, my wifey, my nv ren and my babesss
I m a typical busy bee ♥ (but i dislike yellow with black stripes)
Even busy during Uni break
Come and book my Uni break time, or u will be missing me for another one year

Continue with my assignment nw.