Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I was so stressed with my essay that need to hand in on Thursday.
I stucked at introduction and i need to write 1000 words :(
Since I need something to relax a bit,
I went google and search day counter =.=|||
I jus wanna know when is me and him 1000 days (I know it was so lame)
This just came to me so suddenly

Let me show the pic

It will be 30th of July
Now I think, if i going back to Sibu in sem break,
we can celebrate 1000 days together..
ignore me (i m jus day-dreaming)

And fyi,
today (5th of April) is our 884 DAYS
see how big is the amount..
but if convert into years and weeks,
it is only a small amount.

cant wait for our 1st Valentine's Day next year.
We have been together 2 years ++, but we never celebrate Valentine's Day together,
He knew i hate Valentine's day (secret reason)
For me, the days stick with him are all Valentine's DAYSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
So, we celebrate our Valentine's Day everyday when I am in Sibu XD


The return air ticket is confirmed!
The date is earlier than last year
and i will stay in Sibu for like more than 2 months
I will dating around, hanging around with my hubby, my wifey, my nv ren and my babesss
I m a typical busy bee ♥ (but i dislike yellow with black stripes)
Even busy during Uni break
Come and book my Uni break time, or u will be missing me for another one year

Continue with my assignment nw.


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