Sunday, April 10, 2011

I cant sleep without ......

A very good Sunday
went out for dinner last friday at Ajisen Ramen (not nice anymore)
They served best Japanese cuisine before

outfit of the day

a long dress with denim ♥

Back to the topic "I cant sleep without ..."
I cant sleep without my boyfriend's shirt *shy*

this is it ♥
My boyfie gave me this shirt in June 2009 when I went back to Sibu
actually i beg him to give me this shirt la...
but now this shirt is full of my smell of lotion and tears..LoL
I brought this shirt to everywhere.
It followed me went to HK, SG, Syd,KL and of cos back to Sibu ♥

I cant sleep without my Orange

It is cute and handy
This was my 18th birthday gift from him
I named it Orange but boyfie so sweet and he said should called it 伟忆

I cant sleep without my 牛宝

he is my pressie from boyfie during my 19th birthday
I bring it all the way to melbie and mum said cant bring it back anymore
cos it is enormous >.<
I thought a lot of ways to bring it here last time
btw, he is now wearing my stitch pyjamas

I cant sleep without blanket (This was so new)

This was my 20th birthday pressie from him..
I love this blanket so much

For the second and the third,
mayb i wont hug them to sleep
but they must be around me
or else sure i cant sleep.

For the shirt,
it is a must
I bring it everywhere (except schl and outings)
i used to hug it everytime when i stay at home

A pic before ending this post,

with the wig


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