Thursday, April 7, 2011


I slept for less than 3 hours last night!!!!
becos of the stupid assignment and mid-sem test :(
first time sleep less than 7 hours
I woke up at around 4 and started study my International Business
Luckily, the paper wasn't that hard :D

ps: I m sleepy nw and keep yawning but dunno y dun have the mood to sleep


First of all, i wanna to show a nice nail lacquer from O.P.I.
The color is soooo natural


ignore my ugly short nails hey, i m now trying my best to let it grow :X

Nowadays love this kind of color so much
FYI, the name of this nail laquer is Tickle My France (funny har?)
And the code is NL F16
I think it is in the France series

Secondly, shampoo and conditioner
I found a super nice shampoo that suit my hair so much
And this was my first time I bought same shampoo twice
I used to change shampoo from period to period
It is for damage and coloured hair
It is Tsubaki by Shiseido Japan (I m kind of Shiseido fan yea)
I love the smell

This was the package i bought last time.
This is the upgrade for Tsubaki Red that contains more essence in it
If i m not mistaken, Tsubaki is a kind of flower in Japan



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