Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last day of school

28.10.2009 (Wed)
Today is the last day of my 2nd semester.
Happy or Sad?
Happy becos finally finish the course
Sad becos Exam is on Friday noon.

B4 going to schl
2day I hav my Computer Science class and skipped English class.
After CSC class, I wait outside derek's class.
The teacher thought that i m waiting for derek
bt actually,
I m waiting for her to take pic with her
And she is my whole year Accounting teacher.
She is cute and always say our class is her benchmark for Accounting Part B right now
Especially Justin
Here she is Mrs O'Meara and me

Justin and Mrs O'Meara

Mrs O'Meara Justin Derek

After that,
I had my lunch with Connie and her  friend, Virginia
Virginia is an Indonesian
After we finished the lunch at ShangHai Dumpling Restaurant,
Connie decided not going to ESL and Science class bcos she felt unwell
She had a little nap in my room and around 3 we went out with Andrea and Elaine
We went out bcos we accompany Andrea buying clothes XD
Me and Connie had Starbucks again =o=
Connie Andrea Elaine 


Connie and Me inside the Starbucks

Me and Connie outside the Starbucks

Incident happened:
I dunno wat happen to my contact lens 
bcos my one of my eyes suddently feel painful and totally red

Around 5,
We off to home and Andrea bought her clothes.
Mayb she is going to wear it on her birthday

Now is 7 sth and I need to off to study my Geography
My 1st subject for the test

Me and Connie b4 going to school

Off to study now. On_nO 

MUFY, Year 11 and Year 10 friends, Good luck in your exam

countdown 5 days for anniversary


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