Monday, October 12, 2009

→2nd week of school←

Today is the 1st day of second week.
Nth special but overslept
Jus hav class like normal..
During homeroom time,  I received my term report for Term 3
*this is 2nd week of term 4 already
i got 2 HD 1D and 2P
What the F*ck, man
I should nt have P, man
Let's c
I know I din do really really well in Accounting
But P is too low, ok?
English, the teacher obviously dislike me at all as I always din passed up h/w
and late for class
missed the class
talking at class
These are all due to u teach reli such boring,
make me feel sleepy
Me dislike her as well
but i don think i have such broken English like getting "P"
I'll get the best result in my semester test
cos u are not going to mark my paper.
After school,
Me and Connie went to TeleChoice to take her iPhone.
I bought a screen protector for my iPhone and the clothes for it to avoid the Apple from being scrape again
and also screen protector for my W595
Then we went Coles buy fruits, air freshener and I forgot
Seriously, I love W995
it is beautiful for me
now I believe in Love in First Sight
Justin told me SE still have new model coming out probably this month or next month
Mum, U should preparing for me...

*Countdown 9 days for Graduation Night
*Countdown 18 days for Semester Exam

*Countdown 21 days for !st year anniversary

*Countdown 43 days for mum is coming
*Countdown 63 days for back to Sibu

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