Sunday, November 1, 2009

Exam day 1 + Andrea's legal 18 birthday

I should update this blog on 30/10/09
but I am too lazy and tired
so until today, i just update
Last time semester examination fell on 25/5 (Vinc
ent Wong's legal 18)
This time semester examination fell on 30/10 (Andrea's legal 18)

On the first day of my exam,
I went to the school soooo early
Exam start at 12 noon
bt i arrive schl at 9 morning

because i wanted to clear my locker
and move them to Vincent Hii's locker
Thank him.
The first paper is Geography Part A

I admit i din do well
The second paper is English Part B
I felt that it was not that hard
but Andrea them said they cant finish the paper
Should I feel happy or nervous?

After finish exam, I wait Jenni at ground floor
She was so slow
oopps... is because her exam room consist of 200++ students
need more time to collect paper

After that, we went Melbourne Central to take the Birthday cake for Andrea
We walked back to her house
I found that it is reli far from Melbourne Central
We prepared for the night
surprise party for Andrea

Introduce her
Name : Andrea Lu
Birthday: 30/10/1991
Charateristics : cute, funny, hardworking, happy go lucky girl
We know each other since we were 11 years old (五年级)
We used to be in same class until Form 3
During Form 4, she is smart so definitely go to the best science stream class lo
But we still friend enuf
Until now, this is the 8th year we know each other
For friendship, 8 year is not too long but also not too short
I appreciate our friendship a lot and for sure we still have long way to go

Here she is
She was excited for the party
cos she dunno any about party b4
Jenni then hide inside the room and suddenly came out with the cake
That night,
Everyone put down their stress and play crazily
Noone wanna talk about exam
Ur birthday made a lot of ppl relief their stress

Andrea @ me
To see more other pictures
please →click← this to see in FB

nice date, right?
tomorrow I m going to hav 2 paper again
Accounting Part B and Mathematics Part B
after tomorrow I will be free for 9 days b4 my last subject
02/11 will be first year anniversary for Me and Him

Wait for my next post luuu...
Off to study again


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