Thursday, May 12, 2011


So stress Zzz... *although i still shopping around and walking around in city*It is only May
It should be autumn but I feel like I am in Winter now
I wore my winter jacket already
and my little cutie, Andrea need to wear 4 layers to Clayton

see the weather forecast. It is now 10.3 degree 

Last night had a SUPER big quarrel with hubby boy :'(
But over already
Dear Hubby,
I still love u THAT much
Last week,
he asked me that If I can choose, I would rather wan very very hot or very very cold.
I said I wan very very cold
now I wan very very hot. Zzzz
Reli cant stand the coldness in Melbourne now
I m wondering how m I going to survive in Winter

Got my nails a new color
A color that suit in Summer more than Winter
tada... pinkish nail (OPI NL B86)

Will change again soon
Wan color that suit winter such as dark blue

Just now, I went to my mail box
and I finally got the mail from my HONEY
We all thought her neighbourhood postman cheat her and din help her to post out the mail
dont wanna share my add

second envelope


Try on a new make up look last week
Too Heavy
Me myself cant stand the make up 

can c the heavy eyelashes har....

Another one with wig
TOO HEAVY zzz....

That's all for today
End the post with my cute hubby photo

Baby Boy, I LOVE YOU muahs


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