Sunday, January 30, 2011


went out for breakie with BF tis morning.
I seldom drove to fetch him. This was the 1st time I fetch since I back ><
After breakie, i drove him back and wanna went back home to prepare and go out with Babe Sally at 1:30pm
On my way back, in front of Petronas that near Delta Mall, an old man with motorbike knocked into my car =(
I was shocked!!!!!! I stunt for like 5 mins before I know I need to move my car at road side and go down to check my car.
The back of my car scratched. *I jus polished my car 2 days ago

I called my mum but she din pick up the phone.
so i called BF
After tat, i called home again... Finally someone pick up
I told mum and ask her to come
she said: u drove my car, dad drove a car, how i go out leh? I m kinda blur dat time
She called Dad and ask Dad to come find me

BF bring along his bro which i think dat was too over ><
The old man told BF dat it was his fault and he can paid for the car's damage if we want
I jus told him need to ask my dad about tat.
At last, dad said not need he to pay as he was hurt as well and he keep say
sorry to me
cos he scared me ><

btw, someone called ambulance (too over again)
we asked to go check better.
After all done, I went home and go out dating with Babe Sally.

We went Medan Mall 1st to grab her thing...
After tat, PARKSON..
went to Angenny de Helen to do eyebrow ><
but end up with nail art and manicure ><
and i bought some extensions for my hair =D

Oh yea, I bought my CNY shoes ..

Went to Babe Lily house to pick up Masksssssssssssss
Spent again!!!!

The accident ruined all my mood today...
I was so scare

ps: everyone pls be care when driving as CNY is around corner... Take care yea~~

2mr is going to a wedding dinner with BF
His bestie will get married tomorrow
how sweet they are * envy*
anyway, i wont get married in this young age =)

going to do mask now again =)
night world

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