Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An update for AH BI

Guess wat?
Who is Ah Bi?
Let's c the pic, ok?*dala, here is she
here is her link Jennifer

She ask me to update a post with title "I have ❤❤ in Jenni's blog"
but i din'tLoLsssss
she said only me got so i need use da title. *faint
By the way, she is cute enough though =)
Her name should be Jennifer but i always call her Jenni, more qin qie
Ah Bi is her nickname in family.
But But But But
I long time no see her since last time i met her that is 6th of March
nvm.. I will meet her this coming saturday..
Meet u and all da friends in church, ok?
I promise!! =)


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