Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy times

Today i had an excursion to Philip Island. Mayb many of u dunno where is Philip Island but in Melbourne, it is the most famous place. In Philip Island there is a Penguin Parade. We can c the penguins swim back from sea to go back to there own home. They are so cute when they walk.
It is a totally tiring day i ever have. In the morning, we gather together at student common room and ready to tak
e the row. Actually, our teacher plan to depart from schl by 9 o'clock. But another geography class's student was late. Tat's mean we forced to depart late. What a wasting of time as all of us are waiting on the bus.
After 45 mins, we arrived at a place called Tooradin. My Geography teacher, Mr Latham ask us to go toilet if needed. But seem like we stop at Tooradin for quite a long time. We were wondering y seem like waiting someone. Mr Latham said a girl from the other class decided to drive to Tooradin and meet us
so we gonna to wait her. But, at last we cant wait her as she called and said she was at somewhere that is further than Tooradin. Finally we found her and continue our journey.
After 40 mins, we crossed the San Remo bridge. That's mean we were in Philip Island already. Hooray!!! We went to Woolamai Beach to do some experiment and record the long shore drift and constructive and destructive waves. The wind was so strong and the most thing I hate is the sand all went into my shoes. WTF. So disgusting.
At 12:30, we left Woolamai Beach. We continue our journey to Cowes. It is a small town in Philip Island. We have our lunch there. Me and a China friend and 2 Vietnamese people went eat together. We had p
izza at a small shop. It taste good.
*ps: I hate Vietnamese.

After that, we continued our journey to Pengui Parade. We can see penguin at night after sunset. The ranger told me many things about penguins. I am lazy to write out. It will be damn boring. XD
We went noobies after that.The most excited thing is I saw 3 penguins hide under the bridge. They are so cute. They wont move. So cute
% I bought my n
ew little penguin at there. It called Penguin%\
Let me show u the pic...

is it cute?

Nth special for today. But we had a dinner at 小尾羊. We have Steamboat. But wat i gonna said is not becos of cold so we went for steamboat. Today is a warm day. =.=|||
Me, Deric,Vincent and Connie went there.We ate till full. I am going to upload pic to Facebook. XD

Tired now and gonna watch pps. good nitezzz...

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