Saturday, September 5, 2009


Since when I no updated my blog. I am super stress this semester in Taylor College. A short but important semester. I have my oral presentation next week. I not yet prepare finish. I am scare to talk in front of the class. I feel shy? I feel embarrass? Actually I think I have quite good English among my class but still have the heart of scare. ==
Excursion is finally coming to me. Before I wish to have an excursion to somewhere but now I dunno y feel like dun wan go to the excursion. I am super tired this week. Oh gosh, my excursion last for whole day. I am going to Philip island to observe the wave and see the penguins. I should be happy for that, rite? But dunno y i hav a feeling for not going. But anyway, the excursion is compulsory and it cost me $40. My mum said it worth. Because it is more worth than i buy a branded bag. == How can my mum compare an excursion with a bag i want. hahaha...
I am so unlucky for last week cos i fall for 2 times in 3 days on the road. Am I too clumsy? I dunno but I noe my knees are full of "黑青". Feel paiseh for my legs. ==st
My semester test timetable finally was out. The timetable is fxcking lauya. I took 5 units for this sem. I have 4 test in 2 days and after that i need to 'rest' for 9 days be4 i have my last test. WTF!!! Let me list my timetable.
30/10 (Fri) 1215-1345 Geography Part A
1515-1715 English PartB
02/11 (Mon)1215-1415 Accounting Part B
1515-1715 Maths Part B
12/11 (Fri) 1215-1415 Computer Science Part B

I had a world worst study timetable this semester and world worst Exam timetable this semester. T^T

ps:02/11 is me and my boy 1st year anniversary
but i am still in Melbourne and having Exam. I will be back in 1x/12/2009. I still dunno when bcos my mum din tell me. 1 year is almost passed. I found that 2009 pass so fast. Wish me all the best.
And wish all the best to my friends in Melbourne, in Sibu, in Kuching, in Kampar, in Penang, in KL, in anywhere of the world. May God bless u guys in the Exam. Gambateh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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