Sunday, March 22, 2009


Almost two months in Melbourne
It's really the time to grow up
Change a lot in my lifestyle:
  • I wash and dry my clothes
  • I fold my clothes and put them back into the cupboard
  • I boil my water
  • I fold my blanket after wake up
  • I study without mum's annoying
  • I put skin care everyday
  • I watch English series and movies
  • I put sun cream every morning before going to school etc.....

Change a lot in my personal:

  • I socialise more with the people
  • Smile to everyone that maybe friendly
  • I control my temper for no quarrel with him
  • I control myself to save money by no buying anything useless

What I never change...

  • I still love him and become deeper and deeper
  • I love Cherlyn and Jin
  • I love Friends in Sibu
  • I miss Friends in Sibu
  • I love Friends in Melbourne
  • I need Friendssssssssssss
  • I still keep my cold joke

Thank to Auntie Pam, Uncle Philip, Belinda Bernard and Shireen. They are my relatives in Melbourne. Especially Belinda, she always fetch me go everywhere and bring me back to city after church every sunday. She always help me see whether DOritos got on sale or not. Hahah....

I miss my 螃蟹. T.T

I miss my 伟伟 T.T


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